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You not need to worry about future unforcence conditions.

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Provides good cover to family in case of policyholder demise.

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LIC offers five plan choices under its term Insurance plans and they can be purchased generally through the parts of LIC. For the individuals who wish for a speedier and more educated approach, a few plans can be bought over LIC's entrance too. These plans highlight basic agreements and can be handily profited through insignificant or no desk work. These plans likewise offer tax cuts on the installment of charges and the last aggregate guaranteed that is payable to the candidate. Advances can likewise be taken in lieu of these term plans and this array of presenting from LIC is otherwise called Term Assurance Plans.

Benefits of LIC term insurance plan

LIC term insurance plan 2022 is one of the best term insurance plans in India. The plan offers comprehensive coverage to its policyholders. The benefits of LIC term insurance plan 2022 are as follows:

  • Coverage of up to Rs 1,00,000/- per annum
  • Coverage of up to Rs 1 lakh per accident
  • Coverage of up to Rs 5 lakhs for your dependants and spouse’s dependants
  • No medical test is required for this plan
  • Minimum age limit is 18 years
  • The maximum cover amount is Rs 1 crore and the premium has to be paid for a period of three years.
  • The policy comes with a cashback benefit which allows you to get your premium refunded if you pay it in installments over a period of three years.

You can also choose to increase or decrease the cover amount on a yearly basis. This means that you can keep adding to your policy or decrease it as per your needs.

LIC term insurance Policy also offers various other benefits such as hospitalization expenses, critical illness cover, and death benefits.

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